New Year – New Challenges – 2017 bring it on.

tof-2016collage-pic2So as we roll into the second day of 2017 I wonder what the hopes and aspirations for this year are for my friends and fellow music nuts. A new blank canvas awaits, there’s already a calendar filling up pretty rapidly, a number of old favourites and newly added Festivals that we will see if they can take flight and establish themselves. Personally I’m looking at 4 or 5 for the year, depending on how things work out, it’s never an easy thing these days to put your name down for something that’s a year away, life can change plans so quickly sometimes I think it’s foolish to plan ahead too far – but then again at least if there’s some sort of schedule formulated you have a chance to make it happen.

2017 is looking like AOR, Blues, Rock, Metal and maybe some more AOR, add in a number of shows already inked in and it’s an exciting looking year ahead. There’s a possibility I’ll finally get that Camera hardware upgrade that’s been on the wishlist for a while now, that would be interesting and bring in some new things to learn, which is always good.

Sadly as our musical heroes are aging, just like ourselves, we will continue to lose more of the stars, more of the lesser known but no less talented people, but lets hope the rate of attrition is nowhere near as high as the 12 months of 2016 were, the loss of global stars may be more thought provoking for the masses, but every loss is significant to someone.

Away from the Camera 2016 saw me reviewing over 40 Albums, 20 Gigs and Festivals and put together a couple of Interviews – which considering the amount of time I’ve been unable to get any work done is a pretty valiant effort, but hopefully the coming year will being at least that same level, working on a number of items already so fingers crossed. 2016 also saw some of my photos making Album booklets, contacts from promoters to shoot shows and some things a bit further out of left field, which all fill the heart and make things interesting.

So here’s hoping we all manage to have some success in what we do, and most importantly enjoy and have fun doing it, because when that goes it’s time to stop.

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