This Is Not An Uprising – 10th-12th September 2021

With Leicester Metal Festival Uprising having to be Postponed from 2021 until mid 2022 the Organiser Simon Yarwoord brilliantly put together, at short notice and containing a number of bands that were already down to be on the Uprising bill, put on the This Is Not An Uprising Festival for the fans and all involved to give a much needed weekend of music entertainment. Getting to see some top bands in a small venue for an entrance fee of practically nothing or Free if you had an Uprising Ticket was amazing.

Three Days of bands at Firebug in Leicester, which is a cracking little venue.

This Is Not An Uprising – Day 1 – 10-09-2021

This Is Not An Uprising – Day 2 – 11-09-2021

This Is Not An Uprising – Day 3 – 12-09-2021

Photo Galleries –

Day 1 – 10-09-2021

Day 2 – 11-09-2021

Day 3 – 12-09-2021

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