Jack J Hutchinson – HRH Blues V – 13-04-2019

Sometimes one Artists misfortune can be another’s opportunity, and that was the case at this years HRH Blues Festival when sadly Henry’s Funeral Show had to pull out due to illness it presented an opportunity for Jack and the band to set up and fill their Stage 1 slot alongside the opening Acoustic set and later Stage 2 set, I’m tired even typing that 😉

So yes, 1 Day, 3 Sets and had to have made a lot of new fans and friends over the day as the music was superb and they managed to produce 3 very different sets, for me though the Stage 1 slot was just superb, terrific performance.


To view a larger version of an image/slideshow just click any image below. 3 different Galleries for the different Sets Jack and the guys played on the day.


Acoustic Set – Stage 2



Stunning Set – Stage 1



Brilliant Set – Stage 2