Reviews – Albums/Gigs 2023

The volume of new releases and Gig announcements have certainly been on the increase again this year. Having started a little late on attending live shows I’m trying to catch up now, but getting there. This year is looking very busy again both Album Release and Gig wise so lots to come.

Imperium – Never Surrender for RockposerDotCom

Uprising 6 – The Night Before Uprising – Firebug, Leicester – 28/04/2023 for RockposerDotCom

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Bile Caster

Ritual King

Tribe Of Ghosts

Party Cannon

Saint Deamon – League Of The Serpent for RockposerDotCom

Ne Obliviscaris – Grand Social, Dublin – 16/05/2023 for MetalPlanetMusic

Stunning show from three very different bands in the Progressive scheme of things, from funky jazz to Death Metal. Support on the night was from Italy’s Asymmetric Universe and Andorra’s wonderful Persefone

Burning Witches – The Dark Tower for RockposerDotCom

Chris Duarte – Ain’t Giving Up for RockposerDotCom

Corrosion Of Conformity – Academy, Dublin – 01/05/2023 for MetalPlanetMusic

Brilliant show from both COC and their support on the night, Germany’s Plainride.

Ad Infinitum – Chapter III – Downfall

New album from Swiss Symphonic Metal outfit Ad Infinitum, very much worth the wait and spending some time with.

Kamelot – The Awakening for RockposerDotCom

Really enjoying the new Kamelot album, such a talented band. This new album has a great mix of music and as expected it’s a well written and put together piece of work.

The Answer – Sundowners for RockposerDotCom

Terrific return to action from the guys, go check out this album and see them live if you get the opportunity, I’m certain the new tracks are going to be killer in the live arena.