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The work involved in Shooting & Reviewing a Festival solo – Part 2.

As I’m wrapping up my final Festival of the year, photos done, still a bit of writing to tidy up, maybe it’s time to take some stock of how things have gone and maybe how we can make things a little easier in how I work next year. More work during my time away at the Festival could reduce the amount of work required at home later, but the offset is that you are more tired each day and will that affect the quality of your work, never straightforward decisions really, and especially as you get older. Had I been doing this sort of thing when I was in my twenties it would have been getting attacked with relish, now the worry is that a hobby you are very passionate about would become a chore more than fun, and that could definitely ruin things.

Today marks 2 weeks since the last day of the Rockingham Festival in Nottingham, and as great as it is that I’ve at least got my photos done, 2 weeks is too long to be getting work submitted, but work has been particularly busy, leading to being overtired, which doesn’t help one little bit, and things just get in the way and push dates back, at least as I type this words are flowing a little easier. Will get as much done today as physically possible, head is pretty sore so if I don’t make it out later I’ll have a really good run at it but I sure don’t want to miss seeing one of my favourite atrists in an intimate venue. That’s another thing that knocks out schedules, gigs, although a lot have been missed out on this year through health issues there have still been a few since the return from Rockingham, so that’s a full night taken out of the free time and not being enough I’ve a review of one of the shows and some CD’s to go through.  But hey that all just sounds like negative stuff, there are so many positives, the Festival itself was just brilliant, great bands (some from the Bucketlist – the likes of Jean Beauvoir, Lee Aaron, Steelheart, The Defiants, Trixter etc….) great lights, and the chance to catch up with wonderful friends (just wish there had been more time for me to hang out with people) and a really great fun weekend.

Always a pleasure to see Rob Marcello playing guitar – The Defiants – Rockingham 2016

So over 2 full days and an evening that’s 18 bands Photographed and to be Reviewed, a lot of things to remember along the way, things that maybe other people didn’t see or that you see from a different angle, it’s a busy and large body of work to get through, between 2.5k and 3k Photographs to sift through and polish up, and maybe some additional research to be done while writing the reviews.

There’s plenty to thing about, ideas that might help out a lot – I think making quicker decisions on what to get rid of and not waste time working on could save a lot of time, that could also free up some time each day to start writing, I think that’s the way forward for the moment and see how we get on next March at HRH AOR.

Next year, the plan’s going to be work smarter, and keep trying to improve the work I’m doing, let’s hope that we catch a few breaks along the way. Expect to see a lot of Galleries on the site in the near future from Rockingham 2016.

The wonderful Lee Aaron – Rockingham 2016

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