Reviews – Albums/Gigs 2017

Here are links to Album and Live Show Reviews that I do for a number of media outlets in the UK and Ireland.  Click on the individual review title or Album Cover image to go to the publication.


Kobra And The L:otus – On The Rox, Dublin – 25-11-2017       for             Overdrive

With so much stuff going on in the lead up to Christmas this one was a little delayed, but was a really excellent gig in a small venue on the same night that Queen were playing in Dublin. Supported ably by Brutai.



Dehydrated – Resurrection                    for                           Firebrand’s Rock & Metal Express

Another very interesting return from a band after a couple of decades without any output, Slovakian five piece Death Metal monsters Dehydrated.

Dehydrated - Resurrection cover






EXALTER – Persecution Automated              for                                         Midlands Rocks

Proper old school sounding Thrash Metal from Bangladesh. EXALTER have created an excellent album and we can look forward to the next being yet another step forward.







Gutslit – Amputheatre                         for                                                       Midlands Rocks


A really nice slice of Death from India’s Gutslit, well worth checking out if you get a chance one of many we shouldn’t let just slip by in 2017.





Raintimes – Raintimes                             for                                                       Midlands Rocks

A late entry into the top list of AOR releases for 2017, top notch and featuring the excellent Michael Shotton (Von Groove) on vocals.

album_cover_RAINTIMES COVER_5a02d8a24d829






Samarkind – Samarkind                             for                                                      Midlands Rocks

The excellent debut album from Samarkind, terrific vocals and a great package, Bluesy Southern tinged Rock .Samarkind-Album-Front-Cover






Rockingham 2017        for             Midlands Rocks


Day 1 – Fri 20-10-2017

Day 2 – Sat 21-10-2017

Day 3 – Sun 22-10-2017

What a fantastic weekend again at the Rockingham Festival in Nottingham. Great music, great friends, just a lot of fun all around.



Jeff Scott Soto – Retribution                                          for Midlands Rocks

Really loving Jeff’s most recent works, releasing this and the Sons Of Apollo albums within a couple of weeks of each other is really spoiling us 😉 JSS-Retribution





Mollie Marriott – Truth Is A Wolf                                        for Midlands Rocks

Terrific debut album from another very talented female vocalist, a great blend of Rock, Blues and Soul.Truth Is A Wolf (2017)





Fozzy/Hardcore Superstar/Madame Mayhem/The Last Band – Tivoli, Dublin – 28-10-2017    – for

Cracking night out, a revelation of an opening band and excellent sets from the Co-Headliners.Fozzy-Tivoli-28-10-2017





Code Red – Incendiary                                                            for

Yet more high quality Swedish Melodic Rock.CODE RED - Incendiary 3000x3000px





Midnite City – Midnite City                                   –                             for

When the lists of Top Melodic Rock albums for 2017 are drawn up there’s no doubt that this one is going to be getting a number of votes, a new name on the scene and hopefully one that will be around for a long time.MidniteCity-cover







Steelheart – Through Worlds Of Stardust                             –                    for Midlands Rocks

Some terrific songs on this new Steelheart album, interesting, modern and powerful with those wonderful vocals.     steelheartthroughworldscd-300x300






ColdSpell – A New World Arise                    –                        for

Brilliant new album from Swedish Melodic rockers ColdSpell, definitely work checking out and spending some time getting to know.ColdSpell-ANewWorldArise-2017






The Nights – The Nights                     –                               for Midlands Rocks







Attic – Sanctimonious                              –                             for Midlands Rocks

If theatrical sounding Metal with high pitched vocals and screams is your thing, with an edge of King Diamond in the sound then this will be right up your street, really good album from a band that’s created a flowing and developing Concept.    Attic-Sanctimonious






Leprous – Malina                                 –                            for Midlands Rocks

Brilliant new album from Leprous and can’t wait to catch some of these songs live when they hit the UK/Ireland later in the year.    Press_Cover_01





Kissin’ Dynamite – Generation Goodbye – Dynamite Nights       –     for Midlands Rocks

Terrific Live DVD/2 CD package from a band that were clearly on fire on that night in Stuttgart in December 2016, and this release brings you right into the venue, one of the better Live albums I’ve hear in recent times.  KD_GGDN_C_1500x1500






Mr.Big – Defying Gravity             –          for Midlands Rocks

A real supergroup that continue to make different, interesting albums  as they mature.Defying Gravity






Shadowman – Secrets And Lies                      –                      for RockposerDotCom

As always with any project Steve Overland is involved in it’s a classy piece of work, great vocals and much more.    folder





Harbinger – Human Dust                  –               for Midlands Rocks

Following on from 2016’s Paroxysm EP, Human Dust continues the bands development, good stuff.  Harbinger_cover (low res)





Suffocation – …Of The Dark Light              –          for Midlands Rocks

A classic Death Metal band that are still one of the leaders in the genre, killer stuff from the monsters that are Suffocation.      _..Of The Dark Light





Therapy?  –  Whelans, Dublin  –  25-04-2017

A personal review of one of my favourite shows of 2017, just a wonderful night of great stories, music and acoustic arrangements that were spot on. Full review linked from title or photo.    20170425_204903




Crazy Lixx – Ruff Justice                                             for Midlands Rocks

Always one of the more underrated acts coming out of Sweden in my opinion, this is possibly their best album to date.  Crazy-Lixx-–-Ruff-Justice-150x150





Eclipse – Monumentum                                             for Midlands Rocks

This band just keeps getting better and better with each release, surely one of the best bands in Melodic Rock at the moment.   Eclipse-Monumentum-150x150





HRH AOR V – 9th-11th March 2017                               for Firebrand

Day 1 – 09-03-2017

Day 2 – 10-03-2017

Day 3 – 11-03-2017









Dirty White Boyz – Down And Dirty             –          for

Excellent debut album from a very classy band that contains great UK Talent. Feat Tony Mitchell – Vocals/Guitar (Kiss Of The Gypsy), Nigel Bailey – Bass/BackingVocals – (Bailey, Lifeline), Paul Hume – Guitar/BackingVocals (Lawless/Demon), Jamie Crees – Guitar (Guitar), Neil Ogden – Drums (Demon/Lawless).    DirtyWhiteBoy





Sanctuary – Inception                               –                   for Planet Mosh

Nice release of the pre-debut Demos.    Sanctuary





Lionville – A World Of Fools                      –                  for Midlands Rocks

Another excellent release from the Italian AOR masters.    Lionville-–-A-World-Of-Fools-150x150





Vermillion Whiskey – Spirit Of Tradition                                –                    for Midlands Rocks

Smoke filled bluesy Rock.    Vermilion-Whiskey-–-Spirit-of-Tradition-150x150





Kreator – Gods Of Violence

Thrash as it was always meant to be.    Kreator-Gods-Of-Violence-2017-150x150





Derek Davis – Revolutionary Soul                     –           for Midlands Rocks







Pain Of Salvation – In The Passing Light Of Day             –     for Midlands Rocks

Stunning release.    Pain-Of-Salvation-–-In-The-Passing-Light-Of-Day-150x150





Jim Jidhed – Push On Through                   –           for RockposerDotCom

One of the smoothest most talented voices in AOR, Jim Jidhed has produced an excellent solo album with Push On Through, great stuff.    JimJidhed





Pretty Maids – Kingmaker               –          Midlands Rocks

Another cracking album from the Danish Rockers, great stuff, will be killer live.Pretty-Maids-–-Kingmaker-150x150






Interview with Josh from Wovenwar    –    for Midlands Rocks

A brief interview with Josh Gilbert around the time of the release of their 2nd album in 2016.    Wovenwar