2021 Galleries

Here are some of the shows I’ve shot through 2021. Links will be filled in and added as the year progresses.

This Is Not An Uprising – Firebug, Leicester

Raging Speedhorn with a pummelling Headline set on Day 2 of the This Is Not An Uprising Fest 2021

Day 1

Alignments. – Muddi Broke. – Wired THC. – Divine Chaos

Divine Chaos – excellent way to close out the opening day of the Festival.

Day 2

Blood Oath. – Garganjua. – MAGE. – Raging Speedhorn

Blood Oath with an opening set that allowed to high bar to be kept raised all night.

Day 3

Bloodyard. – Morass Of Molasses. – Sertraline. – Countless Skies. – Shrapnel

Shrapnel closing out the Festival with a Thrash onslaught.