More content and the weather’s picking up again……

Ok, thinks have been really busy, but very up and down, over the last couple of months you may have seen a number of Galleries getting posted on the site from HRH AOR VII, still a few to be posted will get through them this weekend hopefully, and you can catch them at the link below if you’d like to see them. Little did we know at the time that it would be the last time a lot of us would see UFO Guitarist/Keyboardist Paul Raymond, tragically sad news of his passing was released while I was working at HRH Blues, always a class act, may he Rest In Peace x

The late Paul Raymond of UFO.


HRH AOR VII Photo Galleries 


add to that some new Reviews over on the Reviews page, both Album and Live reviews  (and a bunch more to be added after the weekend) everything has been a little on hold with a very busy time with work/home/life 😉

so here’s a link to the reviews page –

Album and Live Gig Reviews

a few weeks ago also managed to shoot the brilliant HRH Blues V Festival, some really wonderful performances and a bunch of massively talented musicians,, and from what I’ve managed to get through really happy with the Photographs which also seem to be going down very well with Artists and Fans alike, which is great, always makes it feel worthwhile.

Jack J Hutchinson – HRH Blues V – April 2019


Plenty of stuff coming up over the Summer, back off to Donegal to complete our exploration of the County, it’s connection to the Wild Atlantic way and will see if the little guy has some more enjoyment recognising different aspects of wildlife. A couple of big enough Festivals in Amplified (which I’ll be shooting/reviewing) and Bloodstock, which would love to be shooting but we will see, fingers still crossed, a tonne of gigs in and around June/July too.


Bank Holiday weekend here in Dublin, so hopefully get some writing done and also recharge the batteries a little, couple of chores completed today and already feel tired……definitely getting old 🙂

Wishing everyone a great and fun weekend 😉


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