What else do I do ?

Well outside of the Photography over the last 4 years I have been writing Reviews of both Albums and Gigs for a number of Media Outlets, generally it’s Rock and Metal releases and gigs, but when I get the opportunity I will take a shot at anything.

Here is a link to the the page on this site for my 2017 Reviews – hoping to get a couple more finished before the final bell rings on the year.


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Over this period of time I’ve been averaging out 4 reviews per month on the Album side of things and pretty much one per month on the Gig side. It’s a lot harder work than most people think, more from the perspective of making time to research, listening to the music enough not to miss out on something that may not be immediate and may take a lot of listens and then actually write it up within the parameters laid out by the organisation you are writing for and all within a timeframe. It really doesn’t take much to throw it all into chaos, a very busy week in work, or home, a bout of illness, it all adds to the growing struggle.

But you can also add in the sheer volume of releases these days to that list, don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful time when there are is so much new music being created, it’s brilliant, but for any Website, Magazine, Blog to attempt to cover it all is becoming an increasingly impossible task without having a large group of contributors, and that is not something I can see happening, it’s been noticeable over the last few years, with regards to Gigs, that the number of photographers appears to grow while the number of people prepared to review decreases, demands on peoples time doesn’t help. It’s not much different with the Album reviewing side of things, I’ve seen a lot less people doing it now, hopefully that’s a situation that changes very soon.

Have a lot of Reviews on the go for albums being released in the New Year, so hopefully people still enjoy them and we can still spread the word of great new music being out there and available from many different source. For me it’s all part of the passion of loving music, and if I can help out in whatever way possible I always will.

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