Rockingham 2017 may just have broken me ;-)

What a wonderful weekend that was, wonderful musicians, including some names to cross off the Bucketlist, special performances,  and getting to hang around with some of my favourite people (albeit all too briefly as work was really busy).

The hard work is in full swing now working on the Photographs and Full Review of the Festival, yes I know, I know, wasn’t so long ago that I said I wouldn’t be doing the Review and Photography think at a Full 3 day Festival anymore, but to be honest, it seems to be quite difficult these days to get a Reviewer for a Festival, especially the smaller ones, so in order to get the job done someone has to step forward.

This years Festival was simply a joy from start to finish, working with some great people who are friends, shooting and watching some wonderful bands and although it all goes by far too quickly it’s always worth the effort. With headliners like KIX, Vince Neil and Loverboy there was a lot of fun and energy around the place.

Here are a few photos of different bands, the Full Review will follow when published and Full Galleries of all the bands after that. Hope you enjoy them.


Click on any of the Thumbnails below to see a larger version of the picture.

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