Ebb and flow, ups and downs ;-)

Lot’s of positives and a few negatives recently, have finally managed to start writing again, hopefully not a temporary thing, but it’s been great to get some new reviews written up (damn I must add the links to the Reviews Section here, which also needs a revamp). Getting back into listening to some brilliant new music has been exceptionally therapeutic.

This year has once again seen a huge amount of really high quality Album releases and we are not yet mid way through August, there is still a lot more one it’s way in the coming months, exciting times. With regards to getting out to Gigs, well that’s been pretty slow of late, had to cancel my plans for going to the wonderful Bloodstock Festival, but still hoping there’s a lot to come (certainly plenty penciled in and November has become crazily busy already).  Looking forward to a hectic time ahead, but will need to manage the energy levels along the way. And of course the everyday trials and tribulations of life can put a spanner in the works on occasion. Will hopefully make the next Gig Trip all the sweeter, to see a Bucketlist band and hopefully meet up with some of my FB friends that I have yet to meet in person, which is always a bonus.

While relaxing a bit this evening it seemed only fitting to take a little look back at one of the many wonderful highlights of last year for me, getting to shoot the wonderful Jean Beauvoir (The Plasmatics, Voodoo X, Crown Of Thorns) at Rockingham last October in Nottingham, the weekend was going to be awesome anyway, but to finally get to see Jean and not only that but have Tommy Lafferty and Hawk Lopez in his band, and on top of that they were going to be playing some Crown of Thorns songs, WOW!!!!   blew me away, not afraid to say it brought a teat to my eye with songs like “Dying For Love” and “Standing On The  Corner”, a moment in time that will never be forgotten. So a couple of touch ups and some photos that I haven’t released before ended up in a new Folder and here they are. Will add them to the Gallery at when I get a chance.

So onward we move, want to try and complete another review or two before the weekend is over and then it’s another Bucketlist band on Monday night in Dublin, things are looking up.


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