Pat McManus Band - 16

Finally time to look forward to the Summer gig season.

It’s been a very difficult year so far, have missed more gigs than I’ve been to, which is never a good thing. As we get older stuff we used to brush off takes longer to clear or has a more severe effect on the head, personally I’m finding becoming overtired and dealing with bad headaches is just taking a lot longer to come through than it used to. Sensibility at least means that I no longer ignore this stuff and sit back and take care of myself when I know my body can’t handle things.

But I digress, as we approach the end of June it’s rolling into Summer Season, and although there tends not to be so many individual gigs on around the place there’s Festivals and off Fest one off shows which adds to the list of shows. This year for me I’m heading off to see two of the best lineups out there, both in the UK, Ramblin’ Man Fair at the end of July in Kent and the mighty Bloodstock Festival in Derby in August. Will be great to catch up with friends at both, but will be hard work as always. As ever will get to see some bands from the Bucketlist this Summer and some bands that haven’t been seen in quite a long time.

Praying that the weather Gods are kind to everyone making trips or going on holidays, it’s all a bit odd at the minute. Wish me luck \m/ \m/

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