Whiskey Myers – Ramblin’ Man Fair – 23-07-2016

On the Country Outlaw Stage a band I was really interested in seeing, Whiskey Myers and they simply blew me away with their particular blend of Country, Blues, Southern Rock, simply stunning and judging by the vibe and noise in the tent, I wasn’t alone in coming to this conclusion. Sometimes you just get a feeling about a band before they even play a note! There’s a certain tingle that runs up ones spine. With a hectic approach to this years Ramblin’ Man Fair, I hadn’t a chance to check out the band as much as I would have liked to, and maybe that was the best way to see them. A five piece blues rockin’ machine, Whiskey Myers plan to release their new album Mud in early September, so keep an eye out!. There’s a great variety to their music, from more aggressive tracks like”Early Morning Shakes”, with some wonderful guitar work, with the leads trading licks, sounded amazing, right down to something like the beautiful “Lonely East Texas Nights” from their debut Road Of Life album, it’s just a touch of class, again wonderful guitar tones, with Cody Cannon’s vocals smoothly tying everything together, and it’s great that he can come in as a third guitarist without every unbalancing Cody Tate/John Jeffers lead/rhythm work, or overpowering a track like this. I honestly could have stood there listening to these guys for the afternoon, desperate to get to see them again soon and much as I love most of the bands on the bill today, this set is going to be heard to beat, power in tandem with subtlety and a perfect way of telling a story to their audience.

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