Ginger Wildheart – Ramblin’ Man Fair – 23-07-2016

Ginger Wildheart bounces onto the main stage with all the energy of an power keg explosion. Kicking off with “Take It All” you can tell this is going to be full on, with a mixture of solo, Silver Ginger 5 and Wildheartssongs, a pretty well balanced and upbeat collection of songs that are being lapped up by an appreciative crowd front of stage. Highlight of the set for me was “Top Of The World” and it seems to be getting a great reaction from the rest of the crowd too. Coming on the back of a UK. this Ramblin’ Man performance displays a confident, extremely tight and  harmonious unit. Alongside Ginger for this tour are Conny, Toshi and Denzel, they work the stage with the ease and comfort of the experienced performers they are and it shows in how they are received by the “ramblers”. Perfect early evening set to keep the quality high in a slot that can quite often be when people start taking a break and going for food, not a chance of that with these guys hammering out Rock ‘n’ Roll goodness, hopefully the band will be back out again soon, and a return slot at RMF2017 would be nice.

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